Xbox One Live Issues Yesterday Affecting Xbox 360 Today!

Yesterday while playing Destiny 2 on Xbox One, I came back after a much needed break, and not only was I disconnected from the Destiny 2 world, but my Xbox One altogether. The Xbox One completely went offline – which I then could not sign back in. Then I finally could sign back into Xbox One and it was saying for the store and pretty much everything on the right of the dash that it was “unavailable.”

I was, however, able to access Destiny 2, only to be told they were having server issues. Hmm.

Very disconcerting. I did check the Xbox One and Destiny 2 server status and both had “issues” and were in the red.

It appears this problem is on Microsoft’s end. Microsoft’s “Xbox Live Status” page shows that Core Services such as signing in to an account, creating one, and recovering one are affected, along with search functionality. Affected platforms include XB1, Xbox 360, and Windows. 10. Additionally, Purchase and Content Usage on Xbox 360 is affected. This pertains to buying things, redeeming codes, and downloading.

As of today, all seems to be well on the Xbox One, however, people on the 360 still seem to be having issues. So if you were on Xbox One last night and were having issues – it should be fixed now (you can always try a hard reset if its not!). For Xbox 360 users if you are still having issues, just try to be patient and it should be completed fixed by today!

Personally, besides the annoying disconnecting yesterday, I have not been able to visit the store in over a week. Every single time I go to the store tab on my Xbox One and click ANYTHING it zaps me back to the dash. Not sure what is going on with that, but they keep having sales and I want to check the games out and I cannot because I keep getting booted back to the main screen.