Xbox One Update – Available To Everyone

Edit:  In January, Gamers Elite sent this article out to talk more about the new update coming up for the Xbox One.  While the update was originally ONLY for Alpha Insiders, the update is now available to all Xbox One owners.

Xbox One might be lacking on Exclusives Games and in the VR category, but one thing you have to give them props for is trying to make the Xbox One more customizable and user-friendly. This time around we have yet another update.

As per usual, the update is only available to Insiders right now.

Starting yesterday 6 PM PST, update 1802.180105-1503 will start rolling out and will bring a handful of new features to the Xbox One user interface, including a new achievements feature.

Xbox One is doing an update to make it easier for you to view and sort achievements that you are close to unlocking with a new feature they are calling Next Achievements – it’ll be available in the guide as usual.

“This list will include achievements across all of your games and will allow you to launch the games from there so that you can earn them. You’ll be able to sort the list by the closest to unlocking, the most commonly unlocked, the rarest, the most common rare achievements, and those that give the highest Gamerscore.”

They are also adding another new feature that will allow you to access and view your Gaming Hub without leaving the game you’re playing. The hub will include friends who are playing the same game, looking for group posts and more.

Another new feature will give you the ability to stay online BUT block all notifications with a Do Not Disturb function. If you have this feature on while playing Xbox One not only will you not receive any notifications, but your friends who send you invites, messages, etc will be sent a message letting them know that you are on Do Not Disturb right now.

Lastly, there will be a new option in the Power Up and Start Up menus. The old feature lets you choose between 1 and 6 hours of shutdown if you become inactive. But, the new feature will allow you to shut down your Xbox One automatically in smaller increments; 2, 3, 4 and 5-hour options.

The new update will be available to Xbox One insiders over the next few weeks and after that, it will be available to everyone! A few users will also get chosen to participate in another subset of features that will NOT be available in this update. These users are pretty much experimental users who get to use new features that might be available months down the line, or not at all for that matter – it depends on their feedback.