Xbox One X Enhancements – For Honor

More and more games are becoming Enhanced for the Xbox One X. Recently added to the list were Assassin’s Creed Origins, Steep, and Wildlands. The support for the Xbox One X enhanced list continues with For Honor.

Today you will be able to download a patch for, For Honor.

The patch notes for the update called V1.16 aren’t very long but they do have a lot of features for Xbox One X owners to enjoy! You can find the full patch notes for, For Honor below.

4K Rendering

Xbox One X graphics are rendered at 4K. This will bring you a much sharper image on a 4K TV. We are using a real-time variable resolution (up to 4K-2160p) coupled with hardware scaling that output to TV resolution. With the scaling, even lower resolution HD TV’s will notice a better overall definition.

Improved shadow resolution

Shadows on Xbox One X will have a better definition.

Improved level of detail distances

Far away environment objects will be rendered with a higher definition.

Improved water using Screen-Space Reflections

Many water surfaces will now show dynamic reflections.

Ubisoft’s For Honor has also released a trailer so you can see the changes from Xbox One to the Xbox One X – great before and after shots are included and you can really see the detailed difference between the 2 consoles.

The Xbox One X update for, For Honor, is available to download today!

On a side note, the Xbox One X has gotten some really great review since it was released so if you’re still on the fence consider a few of these reviews to try to sway you one way or another.

And remember, it’s not JUST For Honor or the few games mentioned above that are Enhanced, to see the entire list visit Gamers Elite Enhanced Xbox One X list for the full list of games – it’s getting pretty big!

Matt S M: 5 Star Review

The extra horsepower is easily apparent from the get-go, from the Dashboard and guide being super quick and slick, to the 4k HDR options or on certain titles that can’t reach 60fps you have 1080p 60fps ultra settings options and a mix of in between for some games. Games like Gears 4, Halo 5, AC Origins and Shadow of War are awe-inspiring in 4k and 1080p performance mode is a dramatic upgrade on some of these same titles. Hell, even games without a patch are running seamlessly and to be honest look a little better by smoothing over a lot of jaggy areas.

Jack Scott Pilkington: 5 Star Review

Nice surprise! This review consists of 3 4k games and UHD streaming movies. When playing Guardians of the Galaxy, the colors seem to look better IMO. A nice smooth texture to gold and reds I connect everything through a Sony Z series receiver, due to Dolby Atmos setup. I would love to see this on an OLED T.V. I use a Sony 930 E. Make sure you download the Dolby Atmos app. Anything 4k you will see the enhanced graphical power compared to an S series, especially games like Halo 5. A small update and you are off to 4k pvp. I also played Kong Skull Island. My S with Atmos would give you chills. Now with the X, the picture is as good as the sound. Way better than spending money at movies, unless you are going for the experience. Remember to save your games on a hard drive.

Justin Witham: 5 Star Review

I have yet to get a 4K TV, so I haven’t yet seen in person how good games can look on this console, but what I *can* write a review on is the performance of games compared to the regular Xbox One. With some games on the regular Xbox One (especially Fallout 4) there was lots of stuttering and general lagginess. I was always disappointed by that console’s specs and performance…but on the One X, those problems disappear. FPS drops and lag are now extremely rare, and games run so much smoother. The load times are also exponentially better–I did some tests, and sometimes load screens in games are cut in half! It’s amazing. Very happy with this purchase, and I’m excited to see how it’ll look when I get my 4K TV.