Xbox One X Pre-Orders Finally Here!

So my assumptions were right, they did announce pre-orders for the Xbox One X at Games Com. Unfortunately people were so hyped for the console, that its already sold out in many places, including Amazon. Here are the places you can LOOK for it, but I cannot guarantee that you will actually be able to buy one.

Amazon (US — sold out) / Amazon (UK)
Best Buy / non-Scorpio Edition [not live yet]
GameStop / GameStop’s Elite controller bundle / extra controller bundle (sold out)
Game (UK)
JB Hi-Fi (AU)
EB Games (AU)
Microsoft Store / non-Scorpio Edition [not live yet]

The Xbox One X is launching World Wide on November 7th and I am sure stocks will be refilled soon. People must have literally gone to the landing sales pages right after they announced it and sold all of them on sites like Amazon! That’s what Microsoft gets for making everyone wait for so long!

The Xbox One X is available for $500 / £449 / AU $649.

While you can buy just the console itself, there are also a few different bundles out there right now and will continue to be more in the future. The first bundle is available at Game Stop for $600 – you get the console and an Elite Controller. There is also another bundle with a second controller for $583.

According to a tweet from Microsoft’s Albert Penello, any Xbox One X pre-order listing you see is for the Scorpio Edition, whether or not the listing reflects that. There’s no word yet on when or if you’ll be able to pre-order the non-Scorpio Edition.

There is also no word on when orders will be refilled on these websites that are sold out.