Xbox: Turtle Beach Headsets On Sale

Consoles, headsets, and controllers tend to be the most expensive items when it comes to gaming. I see a lot of gamers out there either going above and beyond to buy the most expensive headsets, but I also see a lot of people using the “Xbox” headsets. Duuuuude. You’re missing out on a lot if you use those sucky headsets that come with your Xbox, seriously.

I still remember the day I got my first good pair of Turtle Beach headsets. I was truly astounded at how you can hear everything. Personally, I think a good headset helps you play better because you can hear every footstep, every bullet dropped, every clip being reloaded.

It gives you a simple edge on your competition. I will never ever NOT use a headset or use the crappy ones that come with the Xbox.

But, like I said, headsets tend to be expensive. Well, thankfully Xbox is having a sale right now on Turtle Beach headsets. This is the brand I started out with.

There are 2 different product options:

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO FOUR Stealth High-Performance Xbox One Gaming Headset
Was: $99.95
Now: $79.95

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO FOUR

This premium headset has the durability, sound quality, and features you need to truly immerse yourself in the game.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset
Was: $199.95
Now: $149.95

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset

Add an unrivaled audio weapon to your gaming arsenal with the headset reimagined from the ground up for eSports athletes. Stay cool and comfortable under fire with Turtle Beach’s ComforTec Fit System. And with 50mm Nanoclear speakers and a pro-quality mic, the sound is crisper and distortion minimal.

If you want something cheaper, but something that still sounds good, go with the first option. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a little more for better quality Turtle Beach headsets – and you want something attractive, go with the second option.

Their signature color is the green and black, but I definitely like the color and look of the second pair better!

Turtle Beach headsets are good ones to start out with. Further down the line when you get more money you can go with something else, but in the meantime, this is a pretty good price.

My Turtle Beach headsets, while they might have been considered on the low end of the spectrum, lasted me longer than any $300+ pair.  Now I use Afterglow, but they were on sale too!